Your complete online selling service

We pick up, process, list, store, market and deliver the items you want to sell online - you get the profits.

Our Haru app helps you accurately value items and track those we are selling for you.

How it works

Step 1

We send out reusable boxes and bags to fill with the items you want us to sell online.

Step 2

We pick up the items each month; process, price, store and list them on the top marketplaces including our own.

Step 3

At the end of each month we send you the profit made from your items along with a sales report so you can see what is selling well.

Why partner with us?


Not just another software solution, we are a full online selling service - from pick up to customer delivery.


We remove all the time, effort and training it takes to run a successful online store.


We provide insight into what items are selling fast and which ones have a great profit margin.


We want to see charity and sustainable brands thrive and are working to ensure that happens.

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